Star Wars (FFG) – My first experience coming soon.

So I finally found a group to start playing the Fantasy Flight Star Wars Roleplaying game.  I have been very interested in playing this game as it has such unique dice mechanics and actual skill trees.  I have always been a fan of the movies, comics, novels, games, you name it and I love it.  So I am very excited.  I hope to provide some recaps on here of the campaign, and maybe even a detailed review to come on the system.

In the meantime.  Here is my character and backstory.


Droxu Gayce

Zabrak Male

Career and Specialization: Sentinel – Shadow

Age- 28

Homeworld: Coruscant

Notable Features- Right Arm Tattoo of a black Krayt Dragon



Background:  Droxu grew up poor and in the slums of Coruscant with his mother and father.  At a young age his family noticed that Droxu was special with his ability to seem to hide from them when almost in plain site.  His mother warned him not to use this ability but his father seemed to encourage him and would eventually introduce him to people who could use his talents.

In his late teenage years, he became involved with some petty criminal activity to help support his father’s endeavors.  Unfortunately someone had tipped off a patrol of Imperial Storm Troopers who were sent to investigate into the disappearance of some droids (that Zabrak and his accomplices had stolen).  They raided his mother and father’s home while he was not present.  His father, whom was not cooperative drew a weapon on the troopers and a gunfight ensued, claiming not only his life but that of Droxu’s mother who tried to stop a trooper from killing her husband.

Now alone in the world, grieving the loss of his parents, and feeling guilt, he turned to the only people he knew he could, his accomplices.  He began small jobs that eventually got him more involved in the Criminal Underworld.  Although he stuck to petty jobs that required breaking and entering and staying within the shadows, he eventually tired of this line of work and sought more to life.

After hearing about the Rebellion, and still having a hatred for the empire for killing his parents, he enlisted his skills to fight the good fight.

More info on the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, check out Fantasy Flight’s website Here

Update 11/22/2016: See my first Actual Play in my newest blog article  HERE


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