Need some good background music for your games?

Happy Friday everyone!
So when I play in games or run my own games, music is always of major importance with my groups in keeping the immersion going.  I have been using YouTube as a source of finding long compilations of great music to put on during our sessions and to also not have to constantly be listening to ads or skipping bad tracks.  In my searches, there seemed to be such a limited number of actual music playlists based on certain Role-playing Games or Themed.  So I decided to make my own which I will share below.  Enjoy, and hope these give your games that extra bit of awesomeness. (Also Pro-Tip, pull open another browser tab for YouTube and search for good background sounds to really boost your theater of the mind.)

Epic Music– good cinematic quality music for any Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Modern game you might be playing.  D&D, Pathfinder, D20 Modern, Numenera, Savage Worlds, etc.


Cyberpunk/Shadow Run Music– long compilations of retro wave and other synth music that goes great with Cyberpunk 2020 or Shadow Run games.


Star Wars Music– music from all 7 of the movies, TV series, and Old Republic video games that works best when shuffled for your Fantasy Flight Star Wars Games.


Horror Themed Music – good for Dread the RPG, End of the World RPG, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire the Masquerade, etc.


Futuristic/Space Themed Games– good long compilations of both ambient music and sythn music that will fit Warhammer 40k, Stars without Numbers, Firefly, Mass Effect, etc.


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