Dungeon Builder: An Isometric Map Builder for RPG’s

Hello Dungeon Masters

If you haven’t heard of this tool (which as of a few days ago, I didn’t either) then you NEED to check this out.

Dungeon Builder is a simple to use tool for creating very artistic and well laid out dungeons or rooms for your games. This especially becomes helpful for visualizing what is in a room and how much space there is.  This can help your group keep the theater of the mind versus always going to a Grid Map for your layouts.

They currently have a Kickstarter that you can find HERE (ends on 10-30-2016)

If you want to check out the Demo for MAC or PC, go to their webpage below.


In about 5 mins, I created this simple beauty.  In the Demo there is no way to save or Export but you can always take a screenshot for now (Pro-Tip!)

So I imagined a small cottage with a dungeon underneath it.  There is a trap door with a chest at the bottom, a room with a evil looking portal, and a room with a high ledge that leads to another treasure chest.

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