The Starship From Hell


Hey guys! I wanted to share this tool for anyone looking to add the classic mission of checking out a Derelict Spacecraft to their game.  It is called The Starship from Hell.  This free tool is very good to use in collaboration with Dark Heresy RPG, Star Wars RPG, Dread the Horror RPG, or any other science fiction horror game.

“The Starship From Hell is a system-agonistic toolkit to be used at the table during Sci-Fi RPG sessions. With a handful of dice, generate a starship’s Type, Category, Name, Nearyby Phenomena, Reason for Distress Signal, Dangerous Cargo, and Passengers or Crew members with horrific secrets.”

Download it for FREE HERE

I rolled up an adventure using this adventure.  Here was the premise from using this tool.

Section 1: Ship Generator page (My roll results)
Ship Type (d10) 10
Ship Category (d10) 5
Ship Class (d20) 6
Ship Names (d100) 46
Passengers (d10) 7
Phenomena (d12) 12
Distress Signal (d12) 11
Threats (d20) 17
Secrets (d20) 13

Ship Name: The Incarnate

Type: Star League Heavy Decker: A combat ship equipped with an experimental weapon. When it fails (obviously, it will fail), all hell will break loose. Medium speed; high shields; medium maneuverability; high weapons; medium sensors.

Current crew:  Soldiers deserting their post. They refuse to fight in the name of profit, and they’ve got access to information that may help the PCs navigate this sector.

Phenomena: A rogue quasar appears to have detached itself from the center of a galaxy and is moving through space; though still light-years away, its energy output is horrifying (emitting about 500 times the energy output of this galaxy).

Distress Signal: Adrift: All trace connection to the brain-frame has been lost,
and the captain no longer has control of the ship. Something else is trying to establish a remote connection to the brainframe; the crew doesn’t recognize the cortical pattern, and they’re terrified.

Threats: The ship’s system takes over the player characters’ vessel, rendering it inoperable. The crew claim that they don’t know how or why this is happening.

Secret: The genetic bomb on board this ship will destroy all beings of a certain genotype; the warhead is aimed directly at the nearest habitable planet. The captain and members of his senior staff are all in on the plan, and they’ll kill anyone who tries to interfere.




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