The Simplistic Universal D20 (GATEWAY RPG) Adventure Recap

Update- the printable rules for the GATEWAY RPG game system can be found HERE

So this is a bullet-ed recap of me running some novice players through a High Fantasy RPG with using a single D-20 and only setting pass or fail Difficulty level.  This required no extra stat modifiers or weapon damage rolls.  Depending on the players description and creativity, it shaped the game in the same way and flowed pretty easily.  As you can see from the recap below, the story-line flowed as any other session of D&D or Pathfinder without the players needing to know complicated rules.

This is similar to Sourcefed Nerd’s live players.  If you would like to see an example, go HERE

The Adventurers



Digby- Half Orc Rogue










Ellement- Half-elf Fire Mage








Ivar – Human Barbarian






Adventure Recaps:

Episode 1:

  • Ellement and Digby are hanging around in their little town as usual being lifelong friends.

  • They decide to spend their day at the local tavern having some drinks as usual.

  • While at the tavern they overhear some people talking about news that someone stole the governor’s personal ledger and plans to use it against him to get him impeached.

  • Ellement and Digby, knowing this governor has always been an upstanding guy to their town feel like they should try to help him get the ledger back

  • After approaching the governor about this, he does take a fancy to Ellement and invites them to dinner.  He does indeed hire them to travel to the town of Nickelback to try and get the ledger back.

  • Digby steals some silverware during dinner and Ellement gets very drunk and wakes up in the morning next to the governor.

  • In the morning, the governor has prepared a carriage to take them to Nickelback.

  • On the way, the carriage ride becomes very bumpy and the horses seem to be veering closer and closer to the edge of the road.  Ellement looks up at the carriage driver who appears to be dead with a crossbow bolt through his neck.

  • Ellement pulls herself up and starts to grab the reigns.  As she does this, a crossbow bolt flies past her head.  She turns to see 2 masked figures on horseback chasing the carriage with crossbows.  She yells to Digby but he doesn’t quite understand what is going on.

  • Digby attempts to climb through the window as Ellement did to get on top of the carriage, but he gets stuck.  As he dangles there, he too sees the hooded figures getting closer and closer.  He decides to try and shoot his crossbow back at them.

  • Digby eventually makes his way up on top of the carriage to help Ellement with the reigns.  While he takes the reins, she decides to create a wall of fire behind the carriage.  When she does this, one of the horseman’s horse stops and veers off the road.

  • While Ellement is dodging bolts she did not see the rock ahead.  The bump knocked her off the carriage to the road below.  As she regained herself, the last horseman approached with speed.  He shot another bolt but it went past her.

  • Ellement again cast her fire magic at a nearby tree making it come crashing down in front of the horseman.  The horse stopped dead in its track and threw the man off the horse.

  • Ellement and the man have a short engagement before he too runs away into the woods.  Digby returns with the carriage and picks Ellement back up.  The two are able to make it to the town of Nickelback.

  • Upon entering town, they decide to head to the Wish You Were Here Tavern.  At the tavern, there is a group of bards playing terrible music (Nickelback covers in a medieval sense). They have a couple of drinks but then decide they need to find an inn to stay.

  • They go to the Rockstar Inn and see the inn-keep sleeping at his desk.  Rather than paying for a room, Digby steals a room key.  The two decide to head back to the tavern for the night and will return to their room later.

Episode 2:

  • The adventurers Digby and Ellement have a wild night of drinking at the How you Remind Me Tavern in the town of Nickelback.

  • Ellement wakes up on the floor of the local Alchemist’s Apothecary with some empty vials lying beside her.  She decides to not stick around for whoever she went home with and goes back to the bar to grab some food.

  • On her way, she notices that all of the green grass appears to be purple now.  She starts to panic as she remembers drinking the random vials.

  • The barkeep informs her that her friend was having a good time hanging out with the Nobleman Chadeus Kroegor and his friends last night after she left the tavern.  She thought that was strange as they were hired to steal their mayor’s ledger back from them.  She decides to head to the Inn to check in on Digby.

  • At the Inn, she talks to the inn-keep about finding her friend, not realizing that they stole the key to the room and didn’t actually pay.  As the inn-keep checks his books and notices the missing key, he gets angry and is about to walk upstairs to investigate the room in which Digby is residing in.

  • Before he has a chance to go upstairs, Ellement uses her magical powers to catch a small waste basket on fire that’s under his desk.  The inn-keep grabs the basket and rushes outside to put out the flames.  While he is distracted Ellement goes up to room number 7 to fetch Digby.

  • Digby awakens to the sound of Ellement pounding at his door.  He finds a note next to his head signed “Thanks” by the nobleman Chadeus.  He cannot remember the significance of why the man would be thanking him nor why he was even talking to them.

  • Ellement sees Digby as purple instead of green also and starts freaking out that she has been poisoned and that something is really wrong.  She also begins to burp up bubbles of different colors.  Digby becomes worried and asks her where she went last night.  After hearing of her story of going home with the alchemist, he decides to confront this man and find a cure to what ails her.

  • Digby first stopped by the tavern to talk to the barkeep about where to find the alchemist’s shop and to find out information about the man.  He learned that the man’s name was Peter and that the barkeep knew him and that he probably didn’t mean his friend any ill will.

  • Digby then went to the apothecary and confronted Peter.  Digby learned that his friend Ellement was very drunk last night and started drinking the vials just for fun and that she stayed up later than he.  Peter assured Digby that the potions she drank were only temporary and that he would try to whip up a concoction to potentially cure her immediately.

  • While Peter was in the back, Digby swiped some potions for himself.  Peter returned and gave him the potion that would potentially cure Ellement.

  • As Ellement lied in the cot in the inn, there was a pounding on the door and the voice of the inn-keep could be heard.  The door was unlocked and he barged in.  Upon seeing Ellement, he knew that it was her who must have stolen the key to the room.  He approached her angrily and demanded payment.

  • Ellement backed up against the window and opened it.  She then used her magical powers to ignite the window’s curtains and jumped out to the street below.

  • She ran down the street away from the fire she just caused.  Some of the townsfolk witnessed her do this and started calling for the guards.

  • Ellement went to the tavern again looking for her friend Digby and paid the barkeep to hide her in a secret back room

  • Digby returned to the inn only to see the whole room on fire.  There were a bunch of villagers with buckets of water trying to douse the flames, but the Rockstar Inn would soon be no more.  The inn-keep sat in the streets pulling at what remained of his hair.

  • Digby knew that his friend must have done this, and knowing her (and her drinking problems) decided to look for her at the local tavern.  He indeed found her there.

  • Digby gave her the potion that he received from Peter the Alchemist but it had no immediate effect at curing her seeing the color green as purple.  Digby did assure her that it would not be a permanent issue.

  • The adventurers decided it was time to go and confront the nobleman about getting the ledger back for their town’s mayor.

  • As they walked outside and got onto their carriage.  Two guards noticed Ellement and from the description of the townspeople who witnessed her jumping from the Inn, decided to try and stop their carriage from pulling away.

  • Digby whipped the harness hard and the horses took off, knocking one guard down and running over his leg with a wheel of the carriage.  The other guard was able to grab onto the back of the carriage and pull himself up.

  • As Ellement and Digby thought they were getting away, the guard swing his sword and hit Digby’s shoulder.  The shock made him drop the reigns and the horses began speeding wildly down the street of the highly populated marketplace.

  • A lone Human barbarian named Ivar Forkbeard was walking in this marketplace and saw the two looking in need of some help.  He was actually recently hired by Chad Kroegar to kill the two, but being a mercenary for hire and knowing that it might be more lucrative to help them get their mayors ledger back, decided to intervene try and save them.

  • As Ivar tried to jump onto the horses to stop them, he critically misjudged this and was knocked over.

  • As Ellement saw Digby clutching at his wound in his shoulder and seeing the reigns below, she decided to summon a fire wall in front of the horses to stop them.  The carriage slammed to a halt, flinging the guard forward and through the wall of flames.

  • The guard on fire started to try to put the flames out as Ivar walked over to him putting his sword down into his gut and killing him.

  • Ivar then explained to Digby and Ellement that he was here to help them and storm the nobleman’s stronghold.  Back on the cart, they again rode on and approached the gate of the nobleman’s keep.

  • They barely made it past the two guards and a lowering gate and entered into the courtyard of the keep.  Three guards rushed out of the keep towards them.

  • The group made quick work of the guards.  Digby shot a crossbow bolt into another guard who was trying to open the gate back up securing them from being ambushed from behind.  They rushed into the door to the keep.

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