Choose Your Destructor

The election results are in!!!

No, not the political nonsense that actually goes on in the USA’s real life drama.  But that of the D&D community on choosing who they would rather be ruled by if faced with the terrible choice between these two candidates.


In one corner we have the mighty mistress of darkness and dragons, Tiamat (or Takhisis if you prefer).  The evil Dragon Goddess herself with her Five Heads (and personalities I’m sure) has many plans for spreading her evil  and destruction a crossed the land.

In the other corner we have the slimy ocean dwelling Great Old One, the crafty Cthulhu.  This half man, half dragon, half squid monster wants to control the minds of all and simply return his family to the planet (by any means necessary).  Who doesn’t like a family man?

Election Results

Based on the choices that were posted in many different Facebook Groups the results were as followed:

Tiamat: 203

Cthulhu: 209

Third Party “Likes”: 187

The winner by a close margin is Cthulhu.  Not a surprise really with the Cult following that he seems to have wherever he goes.  I guess now we can all relax and let the mutually assured destruction occur.  Hopefully Cthulhu being in control of our minds can make our deaths appear to be more peaceful.


Third Party Nominee’s included Voldemort, Darth Vader, Sauron, Mephistopheles



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