Star Wars RPG- Unsung Heroes Session 1

Unsung Heroes Session 1

3 Noob Adventurers and a Veteran Game Master play through the first session using the Fantasy Flight rules for Star Wars.  Enjoy!

The Emperor is dead and the Empire is in disarray, with chaos and infighting rife among the Imperial Remnant. Many Moffs are scrabbling for the last vestiges of power, and the Imperial Navy, formerly well over a thousand Star Destroyers, sits at a mere shadow of its former power.

The New Republic is growing by leaps and bounds, but deals with an entirely separate array of issues. Corruption is running rampant inside the hastily-constructed edifices of the Republic.

Additionally, during its time as the Rebellion, alliances with seedier elements of the galaxy were necessary. The New Republic is now dealing with the ramifications of their former alliances with pirates, smugglers and mercenaries.

Two young Force Sensitives and a Bounty Hunter have set out from their lives in search of seeing the galaxy. They begin aboard the Star Galleon Dominant Angel, a transport build by Kuat Drive Yards. All of your characters have to come aboard the Dominant Angel for a variety of reasons. The Dominant Angel, registered Corellian, is transiting through Imperial Remnant space after a truce has been signed between the Empire and Republic. That truce, does not last long…


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