The Metamorphica: Switching up your Monsters and NPCs with Ease

Ok Game Master’s, so you are playing a Roleplaying game (ANY Game) with a bunch of veteran gamers that have read all the monster manuals, rule books, and possibly even the GM/DM guide to your game.

So how do you figure out an easy way and possibly even a random way to keep your players on their toes during encounters?  Well as I was perusing around the awesomeness that is Drive Thru RPG for interesting Free System Agnostic tools, I stumbled upon The Metamorphica by Red Box Vancouver.

The description of the material is as followed and basically says all you need to know to make you click that Add to Cart button.  This is no small table, you roll a d1000 if that tells you anything.  See below:


If your game has a need for random mutation tables and procedures for creating all sorts of mutant abominations or unnatural things, whether they are corrupt demons and unique monsters or strange aliens and new superheroes, The Metamorphica is the book for you.

As a collection of biological, psychic, and supernatural mutations, all grouped into tables so results can be randomly selected using dice, this book is a system-agnostic resource for campaigns of such diverse genres as dark fantasy, four-colour comic book, post-apocalypse, modern horror, science fiction, transhumanism, and weird high fantasy.

The Metamorphica contains:

*Over 650 individual mutations, all with their own descriptions.

*Physical and mental mutations, as well as psychic and supernatural powers.

*Several different types of mutation-generating tables.

*Lengthy random creature tables.

*Procedures for using mutations in four different campaign types.

*Procedures for creating aliens, demons, and monsters.

*Procedures for creating mutant animals, humans, and plants.

A Quick Example that I took from the Booklet

Ok so you and your group of mid level adventures venture into a strange cave.  You stumble upon some Goblins.  Everyone automatically is like, oh easy peasy!  They have low hp and all of their tactics are melee or simple weapons.  Now I either already have looked through and picked out a special trait or I just roll on the chart. For the sake of this example, I will roll at random.  I roll a 814 on the table which is False Body

This mutant’s actual body is immobile, and lies still and inert somewhere, but is able to project a false image of itself. This image appears like the mutant in all respects, is fully corporeal, and is able to move around like normal. The mutant will not be permanently harmed or killed unless its immobile body is harmed.

Roll 1d8 to determine the false body’s connection to its immobile counterpart:

1 Cannot go farther than a couple miles (3km).

So now you have Goblins who have found a way to have projected their Astral figures and become much harder enemies all around.  It also opens up a big plot hook.  How are they getting their power, where are their bodies located, etc?

Where to Find Your Copy

To Download your own Copy and choose the Pay What You Want option( because of course it is always nice to contribute something to the creator) you can go HERE.

Update– there is also a Revised edition that is $10 US.  It features the following and can be found HERE.

*Over 700 individual mutations, all with their own descriptions.

*New procedures and extensive tables for generating scientific devices and magic items, exactly the kind of equipment strange, mutated creatures might be carrying around.

This revised edition has also been re-organized for easier use, numerous mutations have been revised, new mutations have been added, and there are more tables for generating specific details for aliens, demons, monsters, mutant animals, and the various campaign settings.

The classic edition of The Metamorphica is still available and still free, but hopefully, you will prefer this revised edition, which is more than 100 pages longer.




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