The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone is a free biweekly comedic podcast that is a live play session of Dungeons & Dragons using the 5th Edition rules.  It is apart of the Maximum Fun podcast organization and is hosted by Griffin Mackelroy, his two brothers Travis and Justin, and their father Clint.

Their story follows the misadventures of Merel the Cleric, Magnus the Fighter, and Taako the Sorcerer. On their quest, their are plenty of hilarious goofs, obscure pop culture references, crazy fan made items, awesome music, an actually well thought out plot line, and great Non Player Characters all voiced by the DM.

I was introduced to this podcast a few weeks ago and I have been binge listening. I have never been addicted to a podcast before so that should say something about how good it really is. With 50 episodes to catch up on, this will definitely occupy your days in between your games and leave a smile on your face.

You can find The Adventure Zone through the following links, apps, and Social Media to keep connected. Also if you use their hash tag on Twitter #TheZoneCast, your name might be made into a character in their show!


Google Play Music

The Adventure Zone Website

Twitter @TheZoneCast 


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