Star Wars RPG -Unsung Heroes – Session 4

This is technically the 5th session as my recording of the 4th didn’t turn out at all. Dang technology! But there is a sum up of what happened at the beginning of this video that catches you up to speed.

Basically our group attempted to sneak into an Imperial Facility to uncover what they were up to with a possibly stolen Republic Frigate and the mining operations of the world we are on.

We did so by allowing two members to get captured, while Droxu (me) and Darth Zana disguised themselves as Imperials, to break them out and investigate things. We will leave it to say that we ended up barely escaping with our lives, with little answers, and are hoping that the man that we also freed (a man named Sash of the Rebellion) can help lead us to more answers in a small mining colony near by.

We continue to follow Tari the Human Sentinel, Droxu the Zabrak Shadow, and Jarvose the Twilek Bounty Hunter.


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