Need a D&D5e Character on short notice?

Hey guys, this week I wanted to share an epic resource that I personally use on a regular basis for my games as a player and as a Dungeon Master. If you are like me you have probably been caught up in one of following scenarios. Or maybe you will find yourself in one of these scenarios as a new player or DM.

  • Joining an online One Shot game with random people through Roll 20, Fantasy Grounds, Facebook One Shot Group, etc.

  • Joining a game at a local hobby shop through the D&D Adventurers League and don’t have a character made and need it to be AL legal without hassle.

  • Being invited to a last minute game by friends.

  • Dungeon Mastering a game and a friend brings someone to the game who has never played nor has a character made.

  • Running a One Shot game with friends or at a local shop/convention and providing Pre-gens.


So when I am in one of these scenarios, my first stop is to the Digital Dungeon Master’s website. On his page under D&D5e Character Sheets you will find over 1000 character sheets to download for free. They are organized by each Class, then into Archetype, and then run from Level 1 to Level 20! They have all of the Classes and Archetypes that are available today through D&D5e from the PHB and from the Sword Coast AG. These can be downloaded as a PDF or as a Fantasy Grounds sheet to use in that online platform.


When you download either of these, they are also easily editable so that if you want to quickly change out something like your Race, Armor, Spells, etc it is a simple as a few key strokes and a quick save. I have many times downloaded a character, and being that I always enjoy playing Tieflings, Dragonborne, or something new from Volo, I just switch out the traits, update the scores as appropriate, and the other proficiencies and Bam!, I am on my way to glory with a new character in like 10 mins. It becomes much less cumbersome than having to type or hand-write everything out on my own.


Some would say that there are applications out there that make it super easy as well to create a character on the fly. Those are for another day and will be covered here as well. But I myself find it much easier to use this resource as it is already placed into the official 5e character sheet and easy to print out.

To access this plethora of characters. Simply go to HERE to the Digital Dungeon Master’s website. And tune into his other works too. He has alot of good content!

And for other great Tools and Resources like this, make sure you check out my other External Resources page HERE or by clicking the tap at the top.




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