Crit Academy- Featuring Aurican’s Lair


Hey peeps!

If you have not heard about Crit Academy , then you are missing out on two very personable and funny dudes do a weekly (Yes you heard right, WEEKLY) podcast about that popular Roleplaying game you know and probably love, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

What makes this podcast stand apart from the usual RPG-ers podcast, is that they actually go through the written material to help explain the games mechanics.  They also take time to answer their fans questions, provide great ideas for NPC’s, player characters, and also ideas to use for your next encounter as a Dungeon Master.

As you might have noticed from other parts of my page, I have personally joined up with Crit Academy as a partner, and together we are brewing up some special things for the future.  More to come on that.  And they also invited me to be a special guest on their show in Episode 17 where I talked about who I am, why I made this blog, and some of the fun ideas I have to share.  So give a listen!

You can also listen via Google Play Podcasts HERE




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