D&D5e Adventure Review: Dragon’s Breath Tavern

Dragon’s Breath Tavern is a short adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition written by Jeff C. Stevens.  This adventure module is made to take 3 to 5 hours with up to five characters of 3rd to 5th Level.  A description of the adventure taken from the DM’s Guild Website is as followed:

It’s been a long few days of travel and the adventurers are tired of eating rations and sleeping on the ground.  The road opens to a small town with an inviting tavern.  The smells of grilling meat and ale fill their nostrils and the sounds of laughter and music float out the tavern’s door.  Unlucky for the adventurers, they’ve stumbled upon Dragon’s Breath Tavern. What starts out as a pleasant evening of food, drink, and entertainment soon evolves into an adventure that takes the party into and under Dragon’s Breath Tavern. 
The adventure includes roleplay, exploration, combat, and a dice game called Demon Dice. Although written in a non-specific location, this adventure could be run as a one-shot during the WoTC official campaign – Curse of Strahd.

 First Impressions:

ScreenClip[7].pngFrom the cover and the name, one might think that a particular beast would be the main thing  involved in the adventure.  But no spoilers, there are many things involved that are not Dragon related, hence this potentially fitting into a Curse of Strahd campaign.

But reading further, I see that this is not just a slog fest of enemies, although there are plenty of varying enemies to fight. There are also some really good roleplaying elements with the NPC’s involved in the adventure.  There is also a cool little mini game called “Demon Dice” involved for gambling purposes that also tie into interacting with some NPC’s.

ScreenClip[7]As for the exploration side, when delving deeper under the Tavern, there are lots of neat little places to find and some hidden secrets.  Not to mention that there are multiple ways to go about this “dungeon crawl”. There is also a nice Combat Tracker in the back of the module for easy reference on enemy HP and other important stats, as well as where to look them up in the official source-book.  Should simplify flipping back and forth between things a little.

  • Very nice hand drawn Isometric and Overhead Maps both for the Game Master and a Player Map without numbering.
  • Detailed and fun NPC’s and Villain to interact with
  • A good variation of Monsters
  • Demon Dice Bonus Game rules to add a fun gambling mechanic while interacting with the bar patrons.
  • Multiple choices of navigating the tavern to complete the quest
  • A moral decision for the party to handle
  • Combat Stat Tracker

  • Artwork is not really a Con of mine, as describing things is truly in the minds eye, but I could see other people not enjoying the limited amounts of artwork and possibly the artwork style.  Also, the front cover in the print version is different from the promotional image above.

Overall Impression:

ScreenClip[7]I think this would definitely be a very fun adventure to run with any group, whether it be a One Shot or dropping it in to a regular campaign.  Because adventurers always go to a tavern anyway, there is no real need for an extra plot hook.  As the author states, the theme is very fitting of Curse of Strahd,  but to me, I would just surprise my players by dropping this in the next Tavern they go to in any adventure.    The author even gives the Dungeon Master many options on how the adventure can be resolved, so there could be over arching elements into your campaign.

Also the fact that the author tries to help the Dungeon Master as much as possible by providing extra tables for easy stat tracking of monsters/npc’s and maps for both the DM’s and players’ reference is great! This title is rated 5 Stars on the DM’s Guild for a reason, and I’ll be adding another 5 Star rating and this review to it.

Where do I find it?

You can find Dragon’s Breath Tavern on the Dungeon Master’s Guild website for the low price of $2.95.  Follow the link HERE.


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