MapSmyth Modular Maps

Hey everyone, this week I wanted to talk a little about LoreSmyth’s current editions of their MapSmyth Modular Battlemaps for any High Fantasy Tabletop RPG, and also give you all a heads up on the newest upcoming edition called Nekhaton.

So let me introduce you to what exactly these modular packs are, what they include, and how great they really are for use with online games of Pathfinder or D&D on your favorite virtual tabletop like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.

MapsmythMapSmyth Battlemaps all contain the following:
  • A large number of Detailed Modular Dungeon Map Tiles (digital)
  • Tiles include things such as corridors, rooms, stairs, junctions etc
  • All of them include free sample dungeons created with the kit
  • Each set is compatible with all of the other tile sets
  • Ideal for use in Roll20 (default 140×140 pixel squares) or other virtual tabletops as you can easily drag and drop them in.
  • You can also easily edit these tiles in Photoshop. Clone, flip, rotate, combine and save!

Themes Available 

Genesis Foundations– your typical Dungeon crawl classic foundation with intact pillars and fountains.  Also there is an expansion pack for this tile set called Genesis Foundation 2 that adds awesome scenery such as chasms, corridors that dive underneath others, corridors with barricades and more.

Mystium– Add a bit of older and a more worn dungeon feel including the beginning of crumbled statues, pillars, etc.

Wild Growth–  Floors are overgrown with moss and fungus, stonework is overturned and crumbled. Pillars toppled and broken. Nature has reclaimed what rightfully belongs to her and the result is hauntingly beautiful! (My personal favorite!)


An example of what you can make combining expansions together!


New and Upcoming

Nekhaton – Now available for Pre-Order for $3.99 available on 10/10/2017, the brand new an edition takes you beneath the hot desert and into ancient Egyptian style temples.

How to Purchase

These sets are VERY affordable, all ranging from $3.99 to $4.99.  You can find all of these products either by clicking any of the links above, going to, Roll20, or DriveThruRPG.


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