GATEWAY RPG Update- Advanced Character Creation Variant

Hey guys, a quick update for the GATEWAY Tabletop RPG System. These are Advanced Rules for the game.  If you have not yet read through the original rules, you can download them HERE for FREE.


GATEWAY Advanced Character Variant

In the Basic Rules of GATEWAY, certain character builds might seem to become a bit redundant depending on what Character Traits “Proficiencies” or “Deficiencies” have been placed in. Players may feel that their characters are rolling 2 twenty-sided die and taking the highest (Proficiency) or lowest (Deficiency) way too often, possibly feeling over-powered or under-powered.

A new Variant has been created that will help make characters feel more “Customized”, “Balanced”, and more “In Line” with a standard d20 Tabletop RPGThis involves simply assigning Proficiencies and Deficiencies into specific “Skills” rather than by an entire “Character Trait”.  This means that a character can be Proficient under the Dexterity Character Trait for the skill Acrobatics, but also can have a Normal or Deficient skill under the same character’s Dexterity trait, such as Stealth or Dexterity Saving Throws.

Breaking these down into specific skills and assigning a certain number that a player will get to choose to put these into will make for a custom feel for each character, and stick to a simple and universal character creation process Gateway thrives on.


Using the New Advanced Character Sheet

For this Advanced Variant, each player will have the following Points to be used in creating a character, Or the Game Master may help create characters for the players using the following to match the Archetype a player is looking for:

Character Creation Points:

  • 2 Proficiency Points and 1 Deficiency Point used for Saving Throws
  • 1 Proficiency Point used for an Attack Skill (Melee, Ranged, or Magic)
  • 5 Proficiency Points and 3 Deficiency Points to be used for Other skills (cannot stack with other Proficient or Deficient Skills)

*Exception: A Proficiency Point CAN be spent to negate a Deficiency; therefore, a player can choose to use their Proficiency points to get rid of any Deficiencies they have and make them into a Normal Trait.


Character Example: (Based on High Fantasy Setting)

Ok, let’s say a player wants to play your typical Rogue/Thief. Either by the player’s choice or the GM build, we end up with the following Proficiencies and Deficiencies:

  • Proficiency:
  • Saves (2): Dexterity Saving Throws, Charisma Saving Throws
  • Attack Skill (1): Ranged Weapon Attacks
  • Other Skills (5): Acrobatics, Lock Picking, Deception, Stealth, Sleight of Hand


  • Deficiency:
  • Saves (1): Intelligence Saving Throws
  • Other Skills (3): History, Nature, Medicine

*Note: Any other dice rolls outside of these Skills and Saving Throws will just be a Normal d20 roll and take the number rolled as the result.

*Also Note: Armor Class and Hit Points are still based on what you have in your Dexterity (AC) and Constitution (HP) Saving Throws.


Our Rogue is presented with a door to try and unlock: This is a Lock Picking Check; therefore, they roll 2 d20 and takes the highest result rolled due to having Proficiency.

Our Rogue tries to attack an orc using a Longsword: This is a Strength Melee attack; therefore, they only roll 1 d20 and take the result rolled as they do not have Proficiency nor Deficiency.

Our Rogue tries to recall some history about a town: This is a History Check; therefore, they roll 2 d20 and take the lowest result rolled due to having Deficiency.

Our Rogue is being Charmed by an enchantress: This is a Charisma Saving Throw; therefore, they roll 2 d20 and takes the highest result rolled due to having Proficiency.

*Exception: A Game Master might give a player some sort of Advantage on an action depending on the situation. This grants a player a “One Time” Proficiency Point to be used in the Skill or Save they are rolling, thus negating a Deficiency or upping a Normal roll to a Proficient one. (Double Proficiency doesn’t stack)

Alternatively, a GM might impose Disadvantage doing the opposite and granting a player a “One Time” Deficiency Point.  (Double Deficiency doesn’t stack)

Continuing Campaigns

The GM could give extra Proficiency points to “Level Up” characters after a specified number of game sessions. The GM could also assign a Deficiency Point to a character as the game progresses if the story narrative calls for it. (Ex: losing an eye = Deficiency in Perception)

For more information or to Download your copy of the Free Game, feel free to visit the following places for GATEWAY.

Home Informational Page
 Free PDF Download
 Free Android Version
 iOS/Kindle/Other Mobile Users

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