Shore of Dreams- D&D5e Supplement Review


Shore of Dreamsby Florian Emmerich &JVC Parry is a short adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition set in an Asian themed setting. This adventure is for parties of Character Level 5 to 7. Below will be my SPOILER free review of the product:


The following description has been taken from the module.

Buried decades ago, the great treasure of the notorious Captain Jadescale is waiting at the Mistcliff.

Though the exact location of the treasure is unknown, it’s said that the owner of the Shore of Dreams has clues about the location, although nothing is ever that straightforward when it comes to treasure.

Can you unearth the secrets of the treasure of Captain Jadescale or will you be undone by its mystery?

Initial Thoughts


First off, the cover art (by Raluca Marinescu) for this adventure is absolutely fantastic and pulls you right in to that Asian style setting. Secondly, reading the description makes me think of a pirate style adventure of searching for buried treasure. Both of these themes are unique to what has typically been recently released for D&D5e, and that is pretty exciting to see.

Reading further in, some of the details that many like to see are present, like “Where can I place this in my game, and how?” The author provides you with these instructions: “This adventure module can link to Princes of the Apocalypse (see Elemental Evil on page 16), Tomb of Annihilation, or you can place it in your home campaign.” They even go on to describe exactly what parts of the Sword Coast you could set the Shore of Dreams in.

Below I will list the various Pro’s I have found with this supplement.


  • ScreenClipA great overall plot with some good twists await foolhardy characters.
  • Easy plot hooks to get any party involved and on their way to adventure.
  • I really enjoyed the NPC’s and additional monsters provided in this supplement. Especially The Tempest Beast as seen above.
  • The author provides very good detailed descriptions of each area and the included maps are very well drawn out.


  • Honestly, I didn’t really find any major flaws with this supplement. A+ all around.

Overall Impression:


Overall, I think this is a magnificent product for any Dungeon Master that wants to add some extra “flavor” to their campaign in not only involving an Asian theme, but also introducing some races not usually encountered on land, such as the Triton. I am currently playing in a campaign using Princes of Apocalypse, and this would be a great addition to play through. I may just have to recommend this to my DM and play dumb that I didn’t read through it just so the rest of my players (and DM) could enjoy this!

Ok, now where do you find it?


You can find Shore of Dreams on the Dungeon Masters Guild website for $2.95

This 3 – 6 hour adventure features:

• 18 pages full with social encounters, dungeon crawling, puzzles and a hint of mystery
• custom art and handouts for your players
• custom map with a DM and a player version
• new monsters, npcs & magic items



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