“The Missing Princess of Thornfall”: A GATEWAY RPG Module

Happy Friday Adventurers!

Last month here in warm, sunny, Pittsburgh PA (that’s a joke, it was miserable!), I attended the annual Anime and Gaming Convention called Tekko. The staff there were kind enough to bring me on in their RPG room and let me demo GATEWAY RPG.

During my volunteering, I was able to put together a few different basic modules to run groups through. “The Missing Princess of Thornfall” was my High Fantasy setting game. It was played with Pregenerated Characters with 3 to 5 Players in mind. The session itself was completed in the allotted 2 hours I was given to run it (yes very short).


After Tekko, I was looking at the material I prepped for myself and decided to use it as a beginner module for anyone who wanted to use GATEWAY RPG as an intro into the High Fantasy rpg setting. So here it is, FREE, and published for the internet to judge harshly on DriveThruRPG! Enjoy! 🙂

The Missing Princess

Description: The Dark Ravens Adventurers guild never turns down a desperate lord and lady in need of finding their missing daughter. Your group finds themselves following up such a contract in the town of Thornfall. She apparently was last seen playing near the village wall. Did she stray over the wall and get lost, was she kidnapped by a rival lord for ransom, or did something darker come out of the woods to claim an innocent life? Your party must find out.


Module Information: This supplement is a very basic introductory story for 3 to 5 Players that can be used with “GATEWAY: The Free d20 Tabletop RPG. Alternatively, the main story plot points can be used for any High Fantasy Roleplaying Game as well for a low-level adventure. It was run recently at a gaming convention in 2 hour sessions but the plot points in the module can take the game session further than this and even into multiple sessions. Enjoy!




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