The Great Big Random d100 of Interesting NPCs (D&D5e)

Hello, hello fellow Adventurers!

This week I wanted to release another Big D100 list.  I thought that a fun idea would be to have another  D&D Community group project to create a giant list of Random NPCs that could be encountered in everyone’s’ games. I posted out to the mass social media channels of Facebook, G+, Twitter, and Reddit for assistance filling out a shared Google Doc that you will see below.  I present to you all The Great Big Random D100 of Interesting NPCs (D&D5e)


So what are its uses and why is it a d100? Well this can be used if the DM wants the party to meet a Random NPC or if a DM wants to plan out an adventure around these NPC’s.  There are plenty of really fun and quirky characters to be found. Each some fully fleshed out with Appearance/Personality Traits/Backstory/Items to help the DM. Most even include a possibly Plot Hook or Side Quest for the adventuring party to take up if need be. DM’s though, when using this list, feel free to change anything to fit your own narrative!
Disclaimer: I, nor the creators that contributed to this list, take any responsibility for the player characters diverting from the main story to pursue other Side Quests. Use with Caution !


Again this is a completely FREE PDF Download that I hope it gets a lot of enjoyment from the community. Big shout out to everyone who helped contribute to this list.

For more d100 Lists like this, Check out my “Tools for Campaigns” section on my Resources for your Games page!



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