(Shared) What the McGuffin?

I really enjoyed Crossing The Verse’s blog article about Mcguffins. Thought I would reshare it! Cheers! 


What is the reason for this trope?

In stories, it’s a thing that moves the plot along. It’s a tool that helps the reader get his characters motivated, leading to action, leading to an engaging story for the audience. This is all fine and good for a story, but we’re not in the business of writing stories. We’re running a game. We’re presenting an immersive experience for the players. We have no use for items whose entire purpose is simply to move from plot point A to B.

And yet this keeps showing up, again and again, in our D&D games.

Let’s try something different: give the players something more.

Make it part of a treasure haul. Have someone drop it on the road. Maybe there’s a fight between two persons, late at night in a dark alley, in a part ….Continue the article at https://crossingtheverse.wordpress.com/2018/06/26/what-the-mcguffin/https://wp.me/p1Unw1-YE 



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