Ultramodern 5 Character Creation


For those who are using the Ultramodern 5 rules to take their D&D5e games to a modern or futuristic setting, I have created an Excel Document that assists greatly in creating characters and fleshing out all of their life events and background that shaped them. You can download it for FREE at the link below.

This Excel Sheet has all of the Open Source SRD material contained in the Ultra Modern 5 rules SRD. The purpose of this is to help people using UM5 for their games create characters faster and most efficiently for the game. It is not the intent to replace Dias Ex Machina’s copyrighted material. Images by Nick Greenwood.

To use this, follow the tabs in order to create characters. The Orange Tabs are for creating a character and the Blue Tabs are for creating their Character Background and Life Events.

Download NOW


Original source material links. 




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