Putting your Dragonborn NPCs to work!

Hello, fellow Dungeon Masters!

Anyone who runs a lot of Dungeon’s & Dragons is probably very familiar with the Dragonborn race as far as player characters go. Some DM’s probably also include the Dragonborn race in their fictional towns and cities but in more mundane rolls, such as other NPC adventurers, bartenders, shopkeeps, guards, etc. In my recent games, I try to place my Dragonborn into jobs that fit their special breath weapon to stand out more. Below is a list of these specific jobs that a town might hire a Dragonborn of a certain color for. Enjoy!

Red, Brass, & Gold- Fire Breath
Cook – every good tavern or inn needs a great chef
Blacksmith – breathing magical fire into their own crafting
Lamplighter – they come out at night to light the city streets

White & Silver – Ice Breath
Ice Maker – in charge of preserving the cold food storage at a castle or keep

Green- Poisonous Gas Breath
Pest Control – they deal with cleaning out a bad rat or insect problem

Black & Copper- Acid Breath
Demolitions/Construction worker – need to take a structure down, why not use acid
Waste Disposal Owner- acid is a great way to make trash and other things disappear
Chemist – breaking down things into other chemicals, or metal purifying

Blue & Bronze – Lightning Breath
Metal Welder – they can patch up broken armor or weld in a new bit.


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