Thanks for all the Fish…

Well as 2020 begins, I know that I have not exactly been posting regular blog posts mid to late 2019. There are a million excuses one could give, but ultimately it is because of a new job, a lack of motivation to blog what a million other paid people cover everyday, and I have mainly put my focus and energy into Gateway RPG (Which has been a huge accomplishment to me).

That being said, I don’t really know how much activity you will see on the Aurican’s Lair blog this year, so I think I might hang up further posts on here.

Currently, I mainly use my Social Media outlets to convey information at this point, which you can all follow along on. Maybe I’ll get around to another community d100 for D&D eventually, but ultimately this post is a shout out and thank you to all the fans and friends I met along the way on the creation of this page.

Special Thanks to Goblin Stone, Crit Academy, Justin Handlin, Jeff Stevens, Dom Barnabei, Derek Elliott, Loresmyth, Chris Vander Linden, Pancho MB, Andrew Knapp of Tabletop OSG, and many more.

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