Actual Plays and Podcasts

critacademyCrit Academy  A weekly podcast that features many tips and tricks to use in Dungeons and Dragons.  You can also find them through their social media outlets and potentially play in a game with one of them as your Dungeon Master.  I personally have had the pleasure of being on an adventure lead by Justin.  It was a great time.  Tune in via iTunes, Libsyn, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio,  YouTube, or on their Webpage!

  • And if you want to hear a podcast with my sexy voice (“Sarcasm”) talking about this Blog, take a listen to Episode 17!


the-adventure-zone-flat_57.jpg.jpegThe Adventure Zone – biweekly comedic podcast that is a live play session of Dungeons & Dragons using the 5th Edition rules.  It is apart of the Maximum Fun podcast organization and is hosted by Griffin Mackelroy, his two brothers Travis and Justin, and their father Clint.  Their story follows the misadventures of Merel the Cleric, Magnus the Fighter, and Taako the Sorcerer. On their quest, their are plenty of hilarious goofs, obscure pop culture references, crazy fan made items, awesome music, an actually well thought out plot line, and great Non Player Characters all voiced by the DM. Check them out on iTunesGoogle Play Music, their Website, or wherever Podcasts are found.


KoTA300X300Knights of the Arcade – a comedy podcast and live show based out of the Arcade Comedy Theater in Pittsburgh PA.  I have been to these live shows many times and I can honestly say they are very hilarious.  They use a very non-serious and probably not even legitimate way of playing D&D, but just improving as they go along.  It is chock full of sexual innuendo, pop culture references, and fan contributed ideas from the audience.  Give it a listen, and if you are in the Pittsburgh Area, go see the show! Check them out on iTunes, Libsyn,  or visit their Website


invictusThe Invictus Stream  a YouTube Channel where the Gaming Group INVICTUS (made up of Chris Viseau, Mycl Barber, Harlan Guthrie, & Justin James) get together and do high quality Roleplaying Adventures using many different game systems.  So far they have sessions for the following:  Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars Age of Rebellion, D&D 5e (Homebrew), Savage Worlds Deadlands, Numenera, The Strange, Dragon Age, End of the World, and more.  The great thing about them is that they are very responsive to their fans and allow fans to interact with their sessions Live every week.  You can spend XP in their Facebook Group to change outcomes of their games.  For more info about connecting with them, see my article HERE


caf-cover-art-3-e1472701757520.pngCthulhu and Friends This weekly podcast is a weekly Call of Cthulhu (D20) actual play.  It is highly edited (especially the current Season 4) to where it sounds like a radio drama.  The roleplaying is very impressive and the story teller has some “crazy” ideas that might make you fall into madness yourself.  I recommend starting with Season 4, but if you start from episode 1 you will see the difference in how the podcast evolved into the highly organized thing that it is today.   Catch them out on the iTunesGoogle Play Music, and their Website this podcast has some really good introductory live plays for the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG.  They have inspiration for Star Wars dice roll interpretations, Conflict application and meaning, group skill checks, PLUS it’s just a fun show to listen to. PS it’s clean too – for the kids!  The first episode starts HERE


filmrerollThe Film Re-roll  this podcast uses the GURPS RPG system and plays through the story-lines of old movies such as Alien, E.T., Labyrinth, Jaws, etc.  As the dice roll, these stories we all know and love take some very interesting and drastic turns in a different direction and outcome.  It is like listening to an Alternate ending all together.  You can find them where you find all podcasts: Google Play, iTunes, and their Website.