Get ALL of your D&D5e Spells in one Printable File

Konichiwa Adventurers!   This week I wanted to share a particularly impressive tool that I have been using with my D&D5e campaigns, both as a Player and a DM when creating Spell Casters.  This tool will save you countless amounts of time when preparing a new player character or having an NPC that has a particular…Read more Get ALL of your D&D5e Spells in one Printable File

The Great Big Random D100 List of Poisons

Happy Monday my fellow Adventurers! This week I wanted to get back to my roots of this blog, and that was contributing things that I feel are limited or missing for games.  One such thing that I noticed for D&D5e is that there didn't seem to be enough Poisons in the rule-books or from official…Read more The Great Big Random D100 List of Poisons

Cyberpunk your D&D5e- Neurospasta for UltraModern 5 Overview

With the recent resurgence of Cyberpunk things coming in the form of Movies (Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner 2), Video Games (Technomancer, Cyberpunk 2077), and Retrowave Music (see Scandroid), I wanted to do an overview/review if you will of the new module for UltraModern5 by Dias Ex Machina called Neurospasta.  If you have not heard…Read more Cyberpunk your D&D5e- Neurospasta for UltraModern 5 Overview

Books of Knowledge- D&D5e Supplement Review

Synopsis: If you are looking to add some extra "loot" or "treasure" for your adventurers in Dungeon's and Dragons 5e, you will want to check out Books of Knowledge by Jesse Benjamin.  From the description in the beginning of this supplement it explains the following: "This guide presents non-magical items in the forms of books…Read more Books of Knowledge- D&D5e Supplement Review

Star Wars RPG – Favoring Dice (Shared)

A good article by The Heavy Metal GM that makes you look closely at the Success vs Failure rate of the FFG Star Wars RPG System

My thoughts: I play a Star Wars campaign currently and it seems to happen often where players fail with Advantage. But these failures continue to happen often for things that should be statistically easier to achieve. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game and embrace failure, but some might not as much as me. Losing on a tie for players can be a downer.  As a rule variant that fits the narrative of the Star Wars Universe I offer you this:

“The Force Flows Through All Of Us” Variant

When there is a tie where the Success and Failures cancel each other out. Roll the Neutral Force Die to determine if you succeed or fail.  (This has nothing to do with the Force User mechanics of rolling the Force Die, just settling ties.)

White Pip = The Force is With You (Success)

Black Pip = The Force was “Busy” elsewhere lol (Failure)


The Heavy Metal GM

Recently I ran Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. It was not my first time using FFG’s dice system, but it was my first time GMing a game within that system. Nearly needless to say, it was a little clunky for multiple reasons; The group I got together was a bit of a last minute one, it had been over 5 months since I had last played this system, I didn’t have a grasp of the rules in order to run it smoothly, I had only read the first 5 pages of the adventure I was running, the list goes on.

Miraculously, we all had a blast playing through the first two “Episodes” of Under a Black Sun, an adventure you can get for free on Fantasy Flight’s website. We used the pregens you could get in the same location, but having only three players, we…

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What Video Game Roleplayers Should Expect At A Tabletop RPG

So as the title suggests, this is going to be an Educational topic for new players to the great hobby of Tabletop Roleplaying. This article is NOT going to be a “Tabletop RPG's are better than Video Games” article or be a “Video Game Players can't play Tabletop RPG's properly” article. I too am a…Read more What Video Game Roleplayers Should Expect At A Tabletop RPG

MapForge-New Battlemap Creation Software (Kickstarter)

Hola adventurers!  This week I wanted to provide you with something that was brought to my attention on Kickstarter that looks absolutely fantastic.  If you are a fan of computer software that makes it easy to let your creative mind flow, then you should definitely check out MapForge by Battlegrounds Games LLC.  The description of the…Read more MapForge-New Battlemap Creation Software (Kickstarter)