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tavernThe Great Big Random D100 Lists (for D&D5e)- These are free PDF’s that me and many many many members of the Tabletop Roleplaying Community have created for use with a D&D5e (or Pathfinder and other Fantasy Games with some tweaking to fit the rules).

D100 Carousing Table I found this awesome carousing table that is meant for D&D but could easily be tailored to any game with a few tweaks. This can really make for some interesting things the next time your adventurers decide to hole up at the local tavern for the night.  This is great to start off an adventure with if you don’t really have too much prepared.



mtgpq_ogw_main_bannerCreating Adventures Using Your Magic The Gathering CardsSome simple 7 Steps on how to brush the dust off of those old Magic Cards you may have and get brainstorming adventure ideas to use in your D&D, Pathfinder, or other RPG.


irath2-0Inkarnate Map Making Tool is a Free web-based cartography tool that allows you to quickly bring your fantasy worlds to life.  It is so simple to use that anyone can create amazing maps quickly!


Character Background Generator- So if you are like me, you are always looking for easy to use tools for generating NPC’s or even ideas for new characters.  I found this random tool recently and even though it is a bit on the vulgar side of things, it definitely does the above well.  It is great for fleshing out some backstory ideas giving way to good plot hooks.


PocketnpcPocketNPC Mobile App NPC Generator (IOS Only) Have your players just walked into a tavern filled to the brim with interesting characters but you haven’t created enough NPCs to satisfy their ever-eager curiosities? Have no fear! PocketNPC takes the legwork out of creating fully-realized, highly distinct non-player characters for your players to interact with. This quirky little app gives you fleshed out, unique NPCs for whatever fantasy setting your campaign takes place in– all at the touch of a button.


Fantasy Name Generators Need a name for your characters, NPC’s, towns, and more?  Check the link out below.  There are random generators for over 100 different things.


Free Pre-Generated D&D 5e Characters- Looking for a quick character sheet to just jump right into a game?  The Digital Dungeon Master website has an incredible collection of over 1000 FREE pre-made characters from Level 1 all the way to Level 20 in downloadable PDF’s. These cover most all of the classes and archetypes in the D&D 5th Edition.  These forms are even able to be edited so if you want to tweak them, you can.


Donjon Resources With this free online resource you can randomly generate just about any of the extra intricate details that you need to make any of your games intricate without a lot of work by you as the Game Master.  Did you forget to name a tavern or prepare the NPC’s that are inside?  No problem, hit a button and be amazed.

  • Go to their website HERE


D&D5e Spells (Webpage) This site is amazing for those who are in need of putting all of your characters spells in one place at the push of a few buttons.  You can even print these out as “Spell Cards” too.  And it is FREE.  No more having to copy and paste descriptions of spells or class features.  It does it for you.

  • Start Crafting your Spell Book HERE


plotlogohe Big List of RPG Plots – By S. John Ross “What follows is a scrap of trivia . . . my collection of RPG plots, in abstract form. I built this by examining the premises of hundreds of published adventures for all systems (including those systems dear and departed from print), trying to boil themdown to common denominators. The results are presented here: arbitrary, and sometimes redundant. Nevertheless, I turn to this list when I’m stuck for a fresh premise for next week’s session of my campaign, whatever that campaign might happen to be about at the time. It helps me keep from falling into thematic ruts (my least favorite kind). With any luck, it might serve a similar function for you.”





121744The Ship from Hell a Free a system-agnostic toolkit to be used at thetable during Sci-Fi RPG sessions. With a handful of dice, generate a star-ship’s type, category, name, nearby phenomena, reason for distress signal, dangerous cargo, and passengers or crew members with horrific secrets.


115703The Metamorphica a Free (Pay What you Want) or Cheap ($10 for a Revised PDF) tool that is System Agnostic.  It is used when you want to add alittle bit of variety or as it calls them “mutations” to your creatures or NPC’s to keep your players guessing and spice things up.  To see my full review of its use, check out my Blog Article


Background Music Playlists these YouTube playlists that I created can be used to tie to any game by the theme you are playing.  Feel free to save these playlists to your YouTube

  • Epic Music– good cinematic quality music for any Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Modern game you might be playing.  D&D, Pathfinder, D20 Modern, Numenera, Savage Worlds, etc.
  • Cyberpunk/Shadow Run Music– long compilations of retro wave and other synth music that goes great with Cyberpunk 2020 or Shadow Run games.
  • Star Wars Music– music from all 7 of the movies, TV series, and Old Republic video games that works best when shuffled for your Fantasy Flight Star Wars Games.
  • Horror Themed Music – good for Dread the RPG, End of the World RPG, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire the Masquerade, etc.
  • Futuristic/Space Themed Games– good long compilations of both ambient music and sythn music that will fit Warhammer 40k, Stars without Numbers, Firefly, Mass Effect, etc.

For more awesome stuff from my Fellowship Members check out Crit Nation!

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