GATEWAY RPG: Homebrew Supplements

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High Fantasy

The Dark Ravens Adventurers Guild never turns down a desperate lord and lady in need of finding their missing daughter. Your group finds themselves following up such a contract in the town of Thornfall. She apparently was last seen playing near the village wall. Did she stray over the wall and get lost, was she kidnapped by a rival lord for ransom, or did something darker come out of the woods to claim an innocent life? Your party must find out.

This One Shot features 12 Pre-generated Character Sheets and a mini adventure for 3-5 players. You can access all of the PDF’s HERE.

List of Monsters and NPCs from Converted Materials
Compiled some 3rd Party resources in order to make some simple conversions of the monsters and NPCs into GATEWAY. These include D&D5e, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Shadowrun, and Starfinder.
Disclaimer, you should already own the copyrighted material before actually using them in a game. For this reason, I have removed the other copyrighted material such as Original AC, HP, Attack Damage, etc. Enjoy!


Any copyrighted material, references, or images seen here are the sole ownership by their respective brand such as Dungeons and Dragons, Paizo, Lucas Arts etc. GATEWAY RPG is solely a Free Game that is always not for profit as are these supplements. The materials here should not be used for any such profit. They are solely to be used for the fun of the hobby.