Gateway – Tabletop RPG

GATEWAY  is a FREESimplistic, Rules-Light, Fast Paced, and Universal d20 ruleset that can be used for getting people who have never played a roleplaying game into the hobby.  This system also allows for any setting or theme as well so it is great for Veteran Players and Game Masters to run really fun “One Shot” adventures.

The rules for the game are based around some of the mechanics from the most popular roleplaying game in the world’s 5th Edition, but simplifying them even more. This product can be used to  excite new people into the hobby, hence the name “Gateway”. You can even expand the rules of GATEWAY to incorporate whatever d20 system you want to move your players over to.

All in all, the moral of this game system is to just have the most FUN you can have playing it in the easiest way possible.

This rule system includes the following:

6 Pages of Rules for Players and a Game Masters Section

2 Pages of Expanded Rules for Character Creation and a Hit Point Variant

1 Page Quick Reference Sheet to be used during gameplay

1 Page Character Sheet (Print and Form Fillable Options)

Accessible PDF on your device or Print Friendly 

Download it for Free at Drive Thru RPG HERE!