Welcome to Aurican's Lair: A place for all things Tabletop Role Playing

Welcome to Aurican’s Lair


Hello adventurers!

My name is Curt and this website is dedicated  to providing you with some interesting Tabletop Role-Playing Game Content. It will focus on being a main HUB for sharing RPG content, whether it be my own or from other sources. This page is meant to be a fun place for like minded nerdy folks to enjoy and get interested in the great thing that is Tabletop Role-Playing. Also, this site and everything affiliated with Aurican’s Lair is Non-Monetized as I do this out of the love of the hobby, NOT for the money.

Many adventures await!  For more fun content, head on over to my YouTube Channel.

Are you a Game Designer or a Module Writer looking for a review for your product?

I write freelance reviews of Role Playing Game systems, modules, and other related products. I try to also promote these to multiple sources of over thousands of potential customers.  I do not charge anything for this service.  Just provide me with a free copy of the product and I will certainly help get the word out there for you.  You can see examples of my articles below:

The Claws of Madness
Banquet of the Damned 
Encounters in the Savage Frontier
Deadly Dungeon Doors
Homeward Bound


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